I would personally like to welcome you to SupplySideDating.com and introduce you to the Supply Side Dating system.

A few years ago I found myself dead broke, living in a one bedroom studio apartment, barely able to make rent. The business I had owned for over ten years had collapsed and the woman I was dating at the time had just left me!

Looking back on that time there couldn’t have been a more difficult time in my life to meet women, date, or attract my ideal woman. I had no house, no fancy car, and no money to actually go on dates, I had just turned 40 years old and I was 20 pounds overweight and out of shape. To make matters even worse I worked out of my apartment and met exactly Zero Women on a day to day basis.

I made a decision back then to turn things around. I re-built a business from scratch and made more than I had ever made by a factor of ten. I began running every day and slowly got back in shape. I started entering half marathons and eventually ran my first full marathon in just over 4 hours. And it was back then that I started developing the Supply Side Dating system!

The Supply Side Dating System:
The Supply Side Dating system simply put; is a rapid rejection free way to meet and date a flood of attractive women regardless of your age, height, weight, social status, follicle count, bank balance, career choice, or family situation.

Supply Side Dating applies a specific set of marketing, prospecting, Internet, and psychological skills to the dating process and the result is a system that allows anyone to date a flood of attractive responsive women.

You may remember during the eighties when President Ronald Regan coined the phrase Reganomics! His supply side economic policy led to the largest and longest sustained growth economy in recent history!

“Supply Side Dating” virtually eliminates the typical challenges real or imagined, that Men have when it comes to meeting and dating attractive women. Supply Side Dating opens up a whole new world that most men believe is reserved for only a few lucky, famous, or wealthy men or “naturals.”

Within a few short weeks of implementing just a few of the methods that now make up the entire Supply Side Dating system, I was able to attract, date and build relationships with a flood of new women.

I keep a hectic schedule running multiple companies online and the system worked so well that I actually had to scale it back a bit to allow enough time for dates.

This is exactly how the system is supposed to work, by having more potential dates than I had time for, I became more selective with who I contacted and as a result the quality of women I was dating increased dramatically!

It has allowed me to become extremely selective, and now I exclusively date very attractive women that are usually eight to twelve years younger than me, and have a well balanced and positive personalities.

As I began to develop and refine the Supply Side Dating system, I started sharing it with a few close friends, and they had similar success. I began to expand the method and share it with more and more men and along the way I met others who were on a similar mission to get their dating life handled. Together we have all shared success and it has become as easy as turning on a faucet, to find, meet and date attractive women.

Now its your turn!

The Supply Side Dating Mission Statement:
To “Put The Man Back In Demand” and help 100,000 men meet their Ideal Woman by implementing the “Supply Side Dating” system.

I look forward to getting to know you personally, and helping you achieve your dating goals… quickly!

Putting the Man Back in Demand,

William Scott


Supply Side Dating Inc.
5015 Addison Circle
Suite 300
Addison, TX 75001

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