Online Dating Profiles – The Personal Ads Baggage

Do You Like Pina Coladas and Getting Caught In The Rain?Thirty Two Years ago this week (1979) Rupert Holmes topped the Billboard Charts with “Escape” or as most of the world knows it (The Pina Colada Song)

So I though today would be an appropriate time to talk about the lingering damage that Personal Ads have done to Online Dating!

Some of you may be wondering what in the hell Rupert Holmes or The Pina Colada Song have to do with online dating, but stick with me, this will make perfect sense in just a second!

Personal ads were small newspaper advertisements that single men and women placed in their local papers. In the ads they described themselves and what they were looking for in the person they would like to meet.

Most papers jumped on this new way to sell advertising space and created an anonymous ad coding system whereby readers could write in to the paper and have their Letters forwarded to the person that placed the ad.

Remember, this was before email or the internet virtually eliminated snail mail and “Personal Ads” as a popular way to meet other singles; but in 1979 they were hot!

So hot that you could even write a cheesy song about meeting someone through the personal ads and get it to number one on the charts!

Warning: Fashion Alert Ahead!

Check out a few bars from “Escape”

WTF is up with those Adidas trainers, Brown pants and a tie?

Anyway, personal ads were the first time in history that singles had to come up with a creative way to describe themselves and what they were looking for to other singles but…

The problem with placing personal ads in newspapers was space! The newspapers charged you by the line so you had to cram in as many short choppy pithy cliche’s that you could in the least amount of lines.

The Personal ads phenomenon created it’s own language or what I call “Writing Structure.”

This is where the massive failure rate for online daters all started!

(56% according to the bestselling marketing book Freakanomics)
How many times have you read “I’m an easy going girl who likes long walks on the beach and puppies”

The long overused and for the most part worthless descriptions people still use today to describe themselves to other singles in their Online Dating Profiles came right from the personal ads era!

In 32 years not much has changed!

Singles write a short over generalized few sentences about themselves, then a few about who they are looking for!

We aren’t getting charged by the line here people!

The Seventies are over (Thank God) and digital space is FREE!

Its time to start using up the pixels we have available and break out of the Personal Ads “Writing Structures” of the seventies!

This is why the Supply Side Dating method works so well. It starts with re-training you out of the seventies writing style and shows you how that by simply being different, and changing your “Writing Structure” from the Personal Ads style to one of literally hundreds of other styles that your profile will jump off the page and even cause women to email you first!

As a friend I would never let you go out of the house looking like my man RupertĀ up there, and I’m not going to let you head in to the breach of Online Dating looking like some Personal Ads geek either.

So, to “Escape” the seventies dating style, grab a copy of my FREE report called “The Best Profile I’ve Ever Read!”

It will show you how to re-work your Online Dating profile in as little as ten minutes and bring it in to the 2010’s!

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Oh and one more thing…

Never wear a tie and tennis shoes together on your first date!

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