Putting the Man Back in Demand – The Bachelor vs. The Bachelorette

This week the season premiere of ABC’s “The Bachelor” proves once again why “Putting The Man Back In Demand” works so well and why I chose that phrase for the Supply Side Dating Blog’s tagline.

Stay with me here!

I’m not a big fan of TV in the first place and only follow a few shows. Last on my list would have been something as cheesy as “The Bachelor” but while I cooked my meals for the week on Monday (following strict rules laid down by my trainer over at the house of pain); I happened to catch the opening of this seasons premier.

As I listened in from the kitchen I suddenly realized how the contrived reality TV show actually proves so blatantly the case for Supply Side Dating!

The back story on this season is basically that on last season’s “Bachelorette” a Tom Cruise like stud pilot from Dallas “Jake” got shot down by the Bachelorette “Jillian.”

Now our man Jake here is what almost any woman would consider the Perfect Catch. He’s a pilot with a great career, income, status, good looks, a body most men can’t get no matter how much time they spend in the gym, and he comes across as just a really good guy looking for love.

Jillian, had her choice of a couple of dozen men and despite Jakes best attempts he was kicked to the curb just like some ordinary average Joe!

Apparently America didn’t agree with Jillian and he got so much viewer response they brought him back this season as the Bachelor!

Now, back to Monday night. Here we are ten minutes in to the first episode and he’s got 25 stunning women literally fighting over him.

What gives?

The lesson here is obvious and it’s the reason that unlike 99% of the other dating advice you will find for men, we don’t compete in bars, clubs, grocery stores, church, or any other “Even” playing field when it comes to meeting women. If Jake can be tossed out simply because the woman knows she’s got ten other guys waiting for her without giving it a second thought, what are our chances as average men competing against the sea of competitors?

The way to turn the tables and gain back the advantage is to use “Supply Side Dating” where you either blatantly or subtly project that you are the one in demand and that you are choosing between multiple stunning attractive women!

And unlike most other dating advice, I won’t teach you to fake it till you make it. Supply Side Dating actually creates evidence that you are in demand and pursued by multiple women.

Unlike the Bachelorette where the woman gets to pick and choose, following the system I teach will have you voting women off your island that you would have felt lucky to stand next to previously!

In the end Jake, like most of my friends and probably like yourself, only wants that one special woman; but instead of settling for what we can get, we now have the choice to find a woman that is truly right for us! Just like Jake is about to do this season!

I know it sounds like a big claim, but I’m living it every day! And in case you are wondering, I’m not a pilot, don’t have six pack abs (or I wouldn’t even think of eating ground turkey all week), I don’t have those Tom Cruise looks or smile and I’m not famous!

Speaking of average Joes, a few years ago they actually recreated the same effect with the show “Average Joe” where in the end a group of amazing women fought over a very average guy!

Stay Tuned, there’s more to come Supply Sider’s!

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  1. Larry
    9 years ago

    This sounds like it`s going to be great, I can`t wait.OK, use me as a guinea pig !! Can I order a pile of blondes with a few readheads on the side?