What Is Supply Side Dating?

With a Nearly Unlimited Supply, It’s easy to
Put the Man Back in Demand!

My name is William Scott and I would like to personally welcome each of you to the to the Supply Side Dating Blog!

The Underground Secret to harvesting hundreds of dates with beautiful women from Online Dating Websites can be boiled down in to three words, write them down and burn them in to your memory.

Supply Side Dating!

After over ten years of exhaustive research, reverse engineering, and learning from every imaginable mistake that could be made in the Internet Dating game; I have Discovered a way to turn the tables and stack the online dating odds in men’s favor.

On this blog I along with several other underground online dating experts will reveal a systematic approach to win the online dating game.

Applying this step by step tested process to Internet Dating will create a virtual flood of attractive women, who actually respond to your emails, or better yet, contact you first!

Imagine a rejection free system that allows you to finally have the upper hand in online dating.

This new “Supply Side Dating System” will expose for the first time how anyone can turn on the faucet and create a stream of responsive women who are waiting to hear from you regardless of your age, height, weight, social status, follicle count, bank balance, career choice, or family situation.

Now for the first time “Men” have the advantage in online dating!

What if everything you though you knew about women and online dating was wrong?

Supply Side Dating is the key!

It’s simple, you can compete with 100 other men for every attractive girl online, get frustrated and quit, or use Supply Side Dating to compel her to respond to your email or better yet, contact you first!

So what exactly is Supply Side Dating?

Simple, you follow a simple set of specific actions, that place attractive women in your dating funnel. Then simply work the process for about 10 minutes a day, and watch the flood begin.

Most men just don’t get it!

Supply Side Dating will go against everything you have been told in the past about how to interact with women.

It allows you to separate yourself from the throng of other men that she has to put up with from the very first day she gets online!

Have you ever asked one of your female friends about their online dating experiences?

They will quickly tell you how they were instantly flooded with emails from men they were not interested in and after the initial ego boost spent most of their time doing one thing, Click – Delete, Click – Delete, Click – Delete.

Now Imagine just the opposite, having more beautiful women responding to your emails, or better yet, Contacting You first after seeing your scientifically designed profile, than You can possibly ever make time to see in person.

Now You Get To Pick And Choose!

Once you learn Supply Side Dating, dating online is a simple as turning on a faucet and watching attractive women flood out of the spout!

Once you learn the system, you will be able to finally crack the code on the Internet’s top dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony.com, and even the Free Online Dating sites like Plentyoffish.com!

I have also reverse engineered the newest trend in Online Dating, Social Networking. Sites like Myspace.com, Facebook.com, and even Twitter can lead you to hundreds of online dates.

There are literally millions of attractive women waiting for a man who “Gets It!”

I will show you how to apply Supply Side Dating to your Profile Design, create compelling emails, create Proximity Credibility, and employ Reverse Prospecting, to blow up your inbox!

Supply Side Dating works so well Online that friends of mine that have used these techniques were soon overwhelmed by the amount of women they were emailing, talking to on the phone and meeting in person!

Soon your dating funnel will always be full of beautiful women, constantly and automatically moving through your dating pipeline!

But Scott, I’m only looking for the “One”

“Why would I want to date so many women when I’m really only interested in meeting that one special soul mate to spend the rest of my life with.?”

It doesn’t matter if you are ready to become the envy of all your buddies who can’t seem to figure out how your getting the attention of so many women, or you simply want to find THE single woman you will spend the rest of your life with, one thing is certain.

If She Doesn’t Respond, you’ll Never Meet!

The Numbers simply do not lie!

Most men settle for what they can get, not what they want or truly need and deserve in a long term partner!

Take your average Joe for example. Lets say he is lucky enough to get 5 women to respond to his lame email and embarrassing profile, by sending long drawn out emails pledging his undying love and affection to 100 women.

Then our boy Joe stumbles through the process. He gets four of the five women to actually talk to him on the phone, sets three coffee dates because one always seems too busy to pin down.

Out of his three coffees dates one no-shows him and refuses to return phone calls, and worse Joe finds out that women don’t always put up honest pictures!

Of the two women Joe actually meets only one looks anything like her picture. The other one turns out to be “Significantly Older” than she led on.

Even if by some miracle of statistics Joe and his final date find each other attractive, and continue the dating process, Joe has just settled for what he got, not what he wanted!

The new breed of powerful men employ Supply Side Dating. They know that dating, online or offline is about selection, creating attraction, initiating qualification and becoming the selector not the one who’s lucky enough to be selected.

Would you let someone pick out your next car for you?

Of course you wouldn’t, so why would you be willing to allow someone else to choose your long term partner or for that matter Saturday nights hot date?

Lack of choice, or not being in the position of the selector, creates a scarcity mentality, compromises your standards and forces you to settle for something less than you want and deserve!

It creates the online equivalent of a wimp!

The men that “Get It” have a completely opposite experience. They have the power and pleasure of owning one simple word…


Next will change your life. Next will build your self esteem and self respect so fast that all women not just those you meet online will start to notice you have become more attractive. They will sense that all of a sudden you have that special something they can’t describe, but are compelled to be around.

We’ve all know guys who are naturals. They have always done well with women and they always will, and they know it!

They never worry about where their next hot date, beautiful girlfriend of soul mate will come from.

They “Get It” and they know that if the woman they are with tonight, this month, or this year doesn’t work out, no big deal!


They know that within days they can be back in the arms of an awesome woman.

So what about the rest of us?

What if you’re like the rest of us and not a natural? How do we get the same result without natural born talent with women.


We reverse the flow 180 degrees!

By reversing the typical online dating experience, and employing Supply Side Dating, you can intelligently find miss right!

Either way you are now the selector, and you now have the power of choice, the self respect of knowing that you are not settling for what you can get, and the pride of becoming attractive to all women, online or offline.

Shortly, I’m about to take Supply Side Dating public and publish the first eBook, Software System and Replicated website System, covering every technique in great detail.

Bookmark This Site, Grab the RSS feed then opt in to the Supply Side Dating Insiders newsletter.

I will be delivering some awesome free content as well as audios and videos on a regular basis.

Also, I will be selecting a few men from the list, who I will personally teach and train to use Supply Side Dating at no cost, as anonymous case studies, proving how effective the Supply Side Dating system is for all types of men, in all types of situations.

If you are interested in free coaching, just respond back to the email you get when you join the list.

Over the coming months I look forward to getting to know you and hearing of your success after applying Supply Side Dating to your life!

All I ask is that you apply the information you learn then leave a comment after you have proven to yourself how well it works. Then tell a friend or two and help them master this game of Online Dating!

Things are about to get very interesting!

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