Top 5 Online Dating Profile Lies!

Last night I was adding some new profiles to the WingMan software program and sending out initial contacts to a few women when a picture of one woman jumped out at me. I instantly recognized her picture because I had previously saved it in WingMan.

So I did a quick search of saved profiles in WingMan and Bam! There she was under a similar but slightly different screen name and get this she was magically 5 years younger in the profile I had save back in July!

It was the magical WayBack machine at work again and thanks to WingMan I had caught the offender!

It seems that this woman had somehow aged five years in just five months!

This is a typical example of how people blatantly lie on their online dating profiles, and how as men you have to beware and be somewhat of a detective to find out what you are really getting when you read a woman’s profile.

The sad fact is that (almost) everybody lies on their Online Dating profiles!

Everybody LiesThe top lies for men ( yes we are just as guilty) are lying about our height, and our income, while women lie most often about their age and their weight!

As Supply Side Dater’s I recommend that you never lie on your profile… period end of story!

After all when you do show up on your first date five inches shorter she will notice and you set yourself up for a whole can of first date rejection whomp ass, if you don’t show up as advertized!

And No ladies and gentlemen your date will not look past your little white lies after he or she gets to know the “Real You!”

The best way to avoid awkward first date rejections is to be completely honest on your profile!

Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean that you need to go in to full disclosure mode before getting to know someone. Outting all of your baggage on your profile is never a good idea and should be left to be disclosed over time as you get to know the person, not before your very first in-person meeting!

So… Tell the Truth, Nothing but the Truth, but not necessarily the Whole Truth, save some for the second and third dates!

Now back to last nights offender!

Chances are this woman had been meeting and dating a lot of men, she is very attractive, and chances are that once she exposed the five year “tweak” she was making to her age, it turned a lot of men off!

So what’s a girl to do? She changed her profile name and quickly remade herself five years older with slightly different pictures!

Who knows how old she really is, I emailed her and asked but as you might imagine when you call someone out on their Dating Profile lies, even in a nice way, they know they are busted and react poorly to say the least!

I once met an extremely attractive woman in person who was a friend of a friend. She indicated in a round about way that she was in her early forties, and she looked like she was in her late thirties.  Once she found out that I was an online dating coach for men, she asked if I would review her profile for her and I agreed.

Her age on the profile… forty five! Ok no big deal, she never gave an exact number when I met her so 45 Could be early forties and she did a great job on her profile. However… she told me that men would stop dating her once they found out exactly how old she was. So I asked… How old are you exactly?

She was Fifty!

She had crossed one of those invisible trip wires and was now in her fifties and didnt want men to ignore her profile or fall out of the search results if men were searching for women only in their forties and below!

Here is the challenge with that logic, she will be fifty when she shows up on the date no matter how hot she looks, and she was very hot! But eventually the truth will come out, it always does and a relationship that is started of based on a lie has little chance of survival!

Women often believe that if they shave off a few years, shave off a few pounds, and use very old or deceptive pictures that we men will still fall for them if only we get a chance to experience their glowing personalities in person!


What we see when we meet you is a Big Old Fat Liar!

And we resent the wasted time and deception it took to get us on the date in the first place!

As it turns out my very hot fifty year old friend was not fifty! She was fifty four! No wonder men who thought she was forty five ran when they learned the Truth!

Online Dating can be and is more often than not like going in to battle! You have thousands of opponents competing for a womens attention, and you have potential deception and misdirection along the way on the online dating profiles of the women you are trying to date that would make the CIA proud!

Your targets are also dropping out of sight, hiding and un-hiding their profiles as they move in and out of relationships, changing their screen names, ages, weights, and you name it along the way!

WingMan Online Dating SoftwareWinning the Online Dating battle is not an easy task unless… you use better weapons and better intelligence!

I specifically designed the WingMan software to allow men to save an offline history of their potential matches, including all the basic details, dates and pictures so that you can easily see exactly what is going on in your market of single women at a glance!

And if you pay careful attention you can spot the deception that seems to be everywhere on women’s online dating profiles!

So the moral of the story, Tell the truth, expose the liars, delete them, then date the rest using superior tools and techniques and you’ll win the online dating game!


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