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I just wanted to take a minute to say “HOLY CRAP!!!!” After going over “The Best Profile I Ever Read” I decided to take that example & give it a shot.

Last night I tweaked it to fit me personally, & put it into my profile. It was kind of late, so it wasn’t until this morning that the women started browsing the POF site. But as soon as they did, the first 3 messages I received said,

“Your profile is great! I love it! :o) “ “Thanks for the laughs while reading your profile. Definite ‘A’ for creativity!” “That’s the coolest profile I’ve ever seen!!”

And these were messages coming from the kind of women you want to hear from!

I’ve never had trouble talking with women, building rapport & so on….. at least after the initial contact was made; Especially in person. But I’ve ALWAYS had trouble getting response from the online profile…. so, making it to the conversation & flirting part wasn’t possible.

The results I’ve gotten in the past couple hours, using the “third person / Undercover Edition” writing structure idea, far surpasses what I’ve ever gotten from all my other online profiles combined!

You, my friend, just rock! Thank you for sharing the info you learned!!!!


William, Got your email yesterday, and went to work on my profile finished at 2pm est today, at 7pm tonight got this email, check it out… “Hello Big…Reading your profile was like reading a book that you just can’t put down. The Adventures of Big. It was oh so creative. Loved it! Thank you for sharing.” William u da man, never had that before, but i did have a little style on my own, BUT U SET IT A BLAZE!!! Promise to buy full program next week, I feel like i should just send you a donation

Thanks …Big

Hey William!

I don’t normally send emails about any product at all, I’m the gruff biker persona all the way trying the online stuff, because everyone shies away in public. I took your advice on the profile rewrite. I actually really liked the article style. I’m having to turn away people now! All I can say is: Dude. You’re the man, Hank

Hello William and support, I have met a wonderful girl and will not longer at this time require the services of supply side dating. Thank you very much for all your assistance. I will recommend 100 people I know for your company.

Dear William:

I’ve got to tell you, first, that I’ve been through about ALL of the “Dating” and “Relationship” stuff (Online and otherwise) that’s out there (I kid you not!) and right now, I’m thanking God that I finally found YOUR system, because it is SO much better than the rest.


Hey William, I have to be honest with you for a minute. First of all your product kicks ass and is state of the art dating material. Its given me a whole new interest in making the most out of online dating. I’ve always considered myself a bit of an expert with this stuff, but you… you are the undisputed mad scientist!

Thanks, Scott

Hello, I attended your webinar a couple weeks ago, and re vamped my profile the way you taught me & wanted to let you know it works unbelievably well! I’ve been on match off & on for a year & a half or so & have had mixed results. Your program has really kicked the online dating situation into high gear though. I would typically get 3-4 random emails a week on match, that has doubled instantly. I figured I’d give plenty of fish a shot, I thanks to your product I get 3-5 emails a day from Women who email me first! Thanks, Waylon

Hey William,

I joined Supply Side Dating last week after the Webinar.

I immediately rewrote my profile and changed my username on matchdotcom and plentyoffish after signing up.

I started getting amazing results right away. Just got home tonight and found this in my inbox. Thought you might like to read it. Feel Free to use it if you’d like. “Subject: Wow! I haven’t been on this site all too long, but your profile takes the cake! Wow! Absolutely clever and creative and innovative and witty and on top of that, you’re quite easy on the eyes. I’ll stop there before this turns into the longest email in the world consisting of 99% adjectives. Simply put, I like the way your brain works. If you made it this far and are open to chatting or meeting or both, to see if we click at all, I’d probably be in. OR a simple “Thanks, but no thanks!” would suffice too…but that wouldn’t be as fun. šŸ˜‰ -Alison”

Hello William,

I was glued to my computer screen for two full hours on Thursday evening from 8 pm CST to 10 pm CST listening to your and Brad’s webinar presentation of the SSD system. When it was all over I came to the conclusion that I had just been exposed to the world’s most complete, most up to date, most versatile, most flexible and most advanced online dating system. I think that your system is actually so advanced that its underlying marketing principles can also be applied to other areas, not just dating.


Hello William, First off thanks for the SSD Perfect profile report, it actually does work and while the women I am contacting are not commenting on it, I am noticing more replies to my initial emails then before, so thank you.


Hello William,Haha, I can’t believe I won!

I appreciate it and am really looking forward to playing around with the software. I already changed my profile on POF using a Billy Mays Infomercial and have already received unsolicited emails. Looking forward to really diving into the system. The webinar was a great preview…


Hello William, Iā€™m sorry to have to tell you this…!

ā€œIā€™m sorry to have to tell you this but I no longer need your awesome product!
You see I have great news! I have met a wonderful girl! Thank you very much for all your assistance.Ā  I will recommend 100 people I know to this amazing method!ā€